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Mirai Dojo Sensei

Pictured left to right: Andrew Gulson (Mirai Dojo Chief Instructor), Phil Shire (SLKC Chief Instructor and Seishin KyoKai founder), Phil Pryor (Mirai Dojo Assistant Instructor), Martin Reynolds (Shoshin Karate Club, Potters Bar Chief Instructor)

Andrew Gulson, 4th Dan - Chief Instructor

Andrew started karate training in Leiston, Suffolk back in February 1988 at the club of Phil Shire 7th Dan, which was then part of Jin Sei Kai Kanazawa Ryu, under chief instructor Paul Perry 8th Dan. After moving to Leeds, Andrew trained at the Red Sun Dojo in Manchester, run originally by Sensei Malc Johnson and now by Sensei Colin Needham. He achieved 1st Dan in 1992, 2nd Dan in 1996 and 3rd Dan in 2001.  

From around 1990 Andrew also trained regularly with Sensei Anne Hastings, then the chief instructor of the Mirai Dojo, in time becoming an assistant instructor and grading examiner at the dojo. When Sensei Anne moved away from the area, Andrew was honoured to be asked to take over as instructor of the Mirai Dojo in February 2012. He achieved 4th Dan on 28 June 2015, as a member of the Seishin KyoKai Association recently formed by his original sensei, Phil Shire.

Phil Pryor, 3rd Dan - Assistant Instructor

Phil started training in Wanstead in 1983 and then at various KUGB clubs in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Leeds. He gained 1st Dan in 1986 while training with Eric Mather in Sheffield. He then moved to Knaresborough and trained with Sensei Anne Hastings. After a lengthy gap Phil returned to training at the Mirai Dojo with Sensei Anne and gained 2nd Dan in 2007. He gained 3rd Dan in 2015 after sensei Andrew became Chief Instructor.

Andrew Gulson and Phil Pryor are fully-insured and DBS-checked martial arts instructors.