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Mirai Dojo Sensei



Pictured left to right: Andrew Gulson (Mirai Dojo Chief Instructor), Phil Shire (SLKC Chief Instructor and Seishin KyoKai founder), Phil Pryor (Mirai Dojo Assistant Instructor), Martin Reynolds (Shoshin Karate Club, Potters Bar Chief Instructor)



Andrew Gulson, 4th Dan - Chief Instructor

Andrew started karate training in Leiston, Suffolk back in February 1988 at the club of Phil Shire 7th Dan, which was then part of Jin Sei Kai Kanazawa Ryu, under chief instructor Paul Perry 8th Dan. After moving to Leeds, Andrew trained at the Red Sun Dojo in Manchester, run originally by Sensei Malc Johnson and now by Sensei Colin Needham. He achieved 1st Dan in 1992, 2nd Dan in 1996 and 3rd Dan in 2001.  

From around 1990 Andrew also trained regularly with Sensei Anne Hastings, then the chief instructor of the Mirai Dojo, in time becoming an assistant instructor and grading examiner at the dojo. When Sensei Anne moved away from the area, Andrew was honoured to be asked to take over as instructor of the Mirai Dojo in February 2012. He achieved 4th Dan on 28 June 2015, as a member of the Seishin KyoKai Association recently formed by his original sensei, Phil Shire.

Andrew Gulson is a fully-insured and DBS-checked martial arts instructor.


Phil Pryor, 3rd Dan - Assistant Instructor

Phil started training in Wanstead in 1983 and then at various KUGB clubs in Chesterfield, Sheffield and Leeds. He gained 1st Dan in 1986 while training with Eric Mather in Sheffield. He then moved to Knaresborough and trained with Sensei Anne Hastings. After a lengthy gap Phil returned to training at the Mirai Dojo with Sensei Anne and gained 2nd Dan in 2007. He gained 3rd Dan in 2015 after sensei Andrew became Chief Instructor.


Duncan Lowery (1st Dan) 

I joined the Mirai Dojo in 2015, returning to karate after a break of over 20 years, having previously trained to 1st Kyu in Wado Ryu. I had been looking for a club that had a traditional focus, an esteemed teaching legacy and high standards. When I found Mirai I immediately saw they had all three. In addition, the club is welcoming, highly inclusive of all types and abilities and has access to excellent expertise. Instruction at the club is very thorough but also tailored to your needs as you progress through your karate journey. We are not an "only one way" type of club and take inspiration and learning from other styles and disciplines.  

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the club is the wide range of ages, backgrounds and abilities. It's not all about big strong chaps smashing the pads (or each other). It's a lot more nuanced, focussing on technique and movement in order to enable anyone to be effective.  It's been a pleasure to witness the progression of students in the time I've been involved from seeing them taking those first hesitant steps through the door to the wide smiles as they pass each milestone. I'd recommend the club to anyone and hopefully, like me, you'll find that karate not only provides physical health but also mental resilience and lessons that you can take into other parts of your life. 



Gary Maguire (1st Dan) 

Karate allows me to work at my own pace while challenging me at the same time. I found a natural desire to want to push myself further.  

Having trained Karate in London and obtaining my first-degree black belt I was concerned I would not find a club in North Yorkshire that lived up to that of my London Club. Fortunately, on my doorstep I found Mirai Dojo and was made to feel very welcome. The style and teaching makes you want to know more and push yourself to the best you can be.


Gill Mulholland (1st Dan) 

Hi, I'm Gill a retired teacher, mum and gran, now working part-time at a kennels and cattery. Walking is one of my main pastimes and I love gardening and anything related to animals, wildlife and nature. 

I was already in my fifties when I discovered karate and was hooked from the minute I stepped into the dojo. That was 7 and a half years ago and I've trained regularly two or three times a week since then. 

Karate isn't easy and that's part of the attraction for me as I relish a challenge. The mental stimulation means that it is a fantastic stress relief - there's no time to think about anything else when training. Regular karate training is also physically challenging and has definitely improved my all-round fitness levels, but perhaps the biggest benefit for me has been an increase in confidence and the development of a more positive attitude in general. 

Our organisation is extremely friendly and welcoming and we all train together and encourage one another. Karate has become one of the most important things in my life and I thoroughly recommend giving it a go - you won't regret it!